At Novocomms Smart City, we believe that the cities of today should be more than just urban spaces. They should be entities that respond to the needs and aspirations of their residents. Our mission is clear: to transform cities into vibrant, sustainable, and connected ecosystems where technology serves as a bridge to better lives. In a world where urbanization is rapidly changing the landscape, we see an opportunity to innovate, to redefine urban living, and to create smart cities that stand as beacons of progress. Whether you're an investor seeking opportunities or a city leader with a vision, Novocomms Smart City is your partner in realizing the potential of urban transformation. Join us on this journey as we envision, build, and nurture cities that are smart, sustainable, inclusive, and designed for the future. Together, we are shaping cities and transforming lives.

What We Do

Novocomms’ portfolio companies and joint ventures are strategically positioned to provide products and solutions for different markets or geographies, leveraging different technology platforms.

Investment & Funding

Investment and funding of AIoT ecosystems through direct investment​, joint venture, vendor financing​ and loans.

Project Execution

Providing AIoT products and solutions through portfolio companies

Why Choose Novocomms

Advanced Technology

Novocomms Smart City is at the forefront of advanced technologies like IoT, AI, and connectivity solutions. Our track record showcases our ability to harness these innovations effectively.


We understand that every city is unique. Our differentiator is our agility in customizing smart city solutions, tailoring them to the distinct requirements, cultures, and aspirations of each urban environment.

IoT Integration

Our expertise in IoT integration goes beyond connecting devices. We transform data into actionable insights that improve urban life, from traffic optimization to energy conservation.


Novocomms Smart City leverages AI to create truly intelligent urban ecosystems. Our AI solutions enhance decision-making, optimize resource allocation, and deliver personalized urban experiences.

Connectivity Leadership

We don't just provide connectivity; we ensure it's seamless, secure, and high-performance. Our networks are the digital arteries of future cities, enabling robust communication and data exchange.

Urban Resilience

Our solutions are built to withstand urban challenges, from extreme weather to cyber threats. We create resilient smart cities that adapt and endure.

Global Experience, Local Expertise

With a global presence and local engagement, Novocomms Smart City bridges international innovation with on-the-ground understanding, ensuring solutions that resonate with local populations.


Our solutions are designed with scalability in mind. Cities can trust that as they grow, our technology can scale with them, seamlessly integrating new functionalities and services.

Sustainability Driven

Novocomms Smart City is committed to sustainable urban development. Our expertise allows us to implement eco-friendly practices, minimizing environmental impact and promoting urban sustainability.

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