About Novocomms Limited ('NVC')

NVC was founded to deliver innovative new technology coming from 

British academia in the field of antenna design with more than 40 years’ 

experience. NVC’s technology enables more complex, higher-performance

and significantly smaller antenna solutions for single and multiple antenna systems.

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NVC offers design services for all different mobile devices

Whether in mobile phones, entertainment systems or laptops, our market-leading 

range of compact, adaptable and bespoke antenna system solutions can be 

fully optimised to your exact requirements.

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NVC has developed comprehensive IoT products range

NVC offers a range of low-cost, high-performance antennas for simple to 

complex Internet of Things applications from drones to fridges where off 

the shelf solutions are necessary for rapid and low-cost product 


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NVC solves the antenna challenges for wearable products

NVC has the ability and track record of delivering high-performance, high-isolation antenna 

technologies for wearable products.

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NVC solves the antenna challenges for Laptops/Tablets

NVC has developed low, medium and high-end antenna systems for 

Laptops/Tablets that meet today’s challenging ergonomic. With a 

track record of a significant number of successful laptop design 

projects, NVC is the safest pair of hands in the market today.

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Key Benefits


NVC’s market-leading range of compact, adaptable and fully bespoke 

antenna system solutions is ready to meet those challenges, both today

and in the future.

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NVC is developing a range of low cost, high-performance 

antennas for simple to complex Internet of Things applications 

such as drones, tracking systems and intelligent cameras. 

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Customer Service & Support

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