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Manufacturing capability to serve your needs

Experience precision engineering, cutting-edge technology, and streamlined processes to deliver high-performance antenna solutions for your unique needs. Explore our manufacturing excellence now. Novocomms' manufacturing capabilities extend through all stages of the manufacturing and testing process.

These are:

FPC Manufacturing


Daily manufacturing capacity: 600 square meters every 16 hours at A4 Size.


LDS ManufacturingLDS (Laser Direct Structuring)

Novocomms has the LDS capability to produce 12 million parts per month. Sample lead time can be as quick as 36 hours.

Manufacturing Facility

MID Surface Treatment

Novocomms can run two MID auto lines and an electroless silver plating line, and an LMA (Non-LDS) line.

RF Cable ManufacturingRF Cable

Novocomms can produce up to 70,000 units a day.

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For any questions, please contact our Sales and Marketing team.

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