Whether in mobile phones, entertainment systems or laptops, 

our market-leading range of compact, adaptable and fully bespoke 

antenna system solutions are helping to future-proof today’s technology.

Smart City

At Novocomms Smart City, we believe that the cities of today should be more than just urban spaces. They should be entities that respond to the

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Space and Mobile Satellite

Leading the Way in Compact and Efficient Satellite Antenna Technology Novocomms stands at the forefront of mobile satellite antenna technology, driving unprecedented transfo

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mmWave Antenna

Novocomms brings you the future of wireless technology with antennas that redefine innovation, performance, and affordability. Novocomms is revolutionizing wireless connec

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mmwave antennas

Infrastructure Antenna

Our Infrastructure Antennas are designed to enhance connectivity, optimize network performance, and enable seamless communication across various applications, including Private 5G Networks, Wi-Fi netw

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infrastructure antenna

Mobile Satellite Terminal Antennas

Novocomms is your trusted partner for mobile satellite antenna design and manufacturing. We offer a wide range of high-performance antennas that meet the needs of the mobile satellite terminal ind

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mobile satellite terminal antennas

Energy Smart Grid Antennas

At Novocomms, we understand the critical role that smart grid communication plays in the energy industry. That is why we have developed a range of high-performance antennas specifically designed f

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smart grid antennas


At Novocomms, we understand the unique challenges facing deploying antenna solutions for the healthcare industry. Medical devices require precise and reliable antenna solutions to ensure that they fun

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Medical Antenna IoT

Small Cells

The advances and growth in small cell technology demand next generation antenna technology. This is driven by the increasing use of higher frequencies reducing range and in building penetration maki

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Connected Cars

One in five cars on the road will be fully connected by 2022 - and our advanced, multi-standard automotive antenna systems can power this revolution, both today and into the future. NVC has developed

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Internet of Things

Communication based devices come in all shapes and sizes today, in fact most devices have some form of communications built in. NVC has an extensive range of off the shelf antenna solutions with suppo

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Today’s smartphones must support an increasing number of wireless standards and frequency bands. With direct experience of project in these areas, NVC technology has proven to be world beating.   NV

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Laptops and Tablets

NVC has developed low, medium and high-end antenna systems for laptops that meet today’s challenging ergonomic. With cellular frequency requirements now encompassing 600MHz to 6GHz and potentially m

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NVC can deliver high-performance, high-isolation antenna technologies for entertainment products which now not only have WiFi and Bluetooth connections but can have high-speed cellular built-in as wel

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