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NVC offers two distinct ways of accessing it’s technology.

Firstly a large range of off the shelf antennas that will be

suitable for most products that need reliable communications. 

Secondly for the more complex products or those with space 

and/or materials that are challenging NVC offers a full custom 

design service.  

This service includes simulation, rapid prototyping, testing 

and optimisation and is typically used for multifunction 

(WifI+GPS+Cellular+MIMO) antenna with extremely challenging 

mechanical sizes.



Design Services

Whether in mobile phones, entertainment systems or laptops, our market-leading range of compact, adaptable and fully bespoke antenna system solutions are helping to future-proof today’s technology.

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IoT Products Range

NVC has developed a range of low cost, high-performance antennas for simple to complex Internet of Things applications such as drones, tracking systems and intelligent cameras.

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Customer Service & Support

For any questions, please contact our Sales and Marketing team.

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