1614780072697302.png3 March 2021 – Birmingham, UK – Novocomms announces the global launch of the FPCB LTE 4G antenna. The FPCB LTE 4G is the latest addition to the British technology company’s family of patented multi-channel antenna for use within the Internet of Things (IoT) sector.

Novocomms has invested heavily to provide customised engineering support to their customers – unique within the industry. The company’s highly qualified team of engineers have many years of industry experience in providing solutions within the IoT supply chain. Novocomms range of antenna already provides world-beating performance within the hardware of leading computer and consumer product brands.

Launching the FPCB LTE 4G, at the company’s British HQ, Dr Sampson Hu, Novocomms founder and CEO said: "Our reputation for delivering excellent antenna at a competitive price is further enhanced by the launch of the FPCB LTE 4G. Our unique advantage is we provide a customised service. This individual, one to one support is something our competitors do not provide, and we guarantee customer satisfaction." Novocomms’ experienced team of engineers include members who hold PhD’s in fields of sensory and radio frequency. The LTE 4G Bands Flexible PCB has a fully customisable coaxial cable and can be adapted to respond to Low, Mid or High bands.  All antennas are designed with 50Ω impedance.

With the growing demands of IoT devices within the medical sector Novocomms designers have designed to enable transmission and receiving across 4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and satellite frequencies. A report by British consultancy firm Deloitte concluded that the market of IoT within the medical sector will grow to $158 bn next year. In 2017 the market was verified to be worth $41bn. The 2018 report states: "Connectivity between sensors and devices aids real-time patient care, even from remote locations, while improving communication within and between medical facilities." Dr Hu added: "The development of the IoT and in particular within the medical space has the potential to transform medical care. From our beginnings we have worked with medical companies to develop the next generation of antenna which will power the communication that rests at the core of the IoT’s advantage. We are well placed to provide that technology that will serve society."




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