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Novocomms Limited (‘NVC’) was founded to deliver innovative new technology coming from British academia in the field of antenna design. NVC specialises in extremely small multi-function antenna systems that require high performance and high isolation. With the explosion of 5G technologies and the associated frequency bands the performance of the antenna system has become critical providing a market requirement that few companies outside of NVC are able to fulfil.

NVC has its roots in the research laboratories of the University of Birmingham which has led the way in antenna theory for over 40 years. NVC has licensed technology from the university and developed a portfolio of its own IP keeping it ahead of the requirements from its markets. It has not only the theory and IP to demonstrate its leadership in the market but has proved that it delivers the requirements of some of the world’s largest manufacturers in the face of long-established competitors.

NVC sees the market as that of the antenna as a device which will be essential in the rapidly developing connected world. Within a few years virtually every product a person owns will connect wirelessly and hence require an antenna. The market not only grows in numbers, but the demands placed on the antenna will continue to increase as new higher frequencies and physical factors such as size and materials make high performance antennas more difficult to design. The antenna and its associated circuitry will inevitably become more complex. Antennas are required for all types of devices ranging from smart watches through mobile phones to autonomous vehicles. Taking autonomous vehicles as an example the future vehicles will require a set of antennas which can handle frequencies for entertainment and communication from a few hundred megahertz right through to the millimetre wavelength sensors for collision detection and road condition monitoring. 

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