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ISO9001:2015: Quality management system

Quality, Environment, Health, Safety & Hazardous substance control Policy

Novocomms is the market leaders in designing and developing the smart, compact and adaptable antennna that committed to delivering high quality products from reseach development phase to choose saftety and environmental compliance material to achieving customer satisfaction, by sing failure analysis model to prevent occupational safety happen.




Novocomms is a highly research skill and aggressive company, fully understanding the value of customer satisfaction and the need for on-time delivery. Provide customers with a wide range of professional skills and services to meet their needs to achieve product innovation and maximize customer satisfaction through continuous improvement of quality, delivery time and services. In our efforts to achieve full customer satisfaction, NVC will focus on (1) designing and developing products that meet customer requirements; (2) producing products that meet quality requirements; (2) delivering products on time to ensure supply continuity; (3) continuous improvement through PDCA management cycle corrective and preventive measures.



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