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Birmingham UK

Our UK headquarters is the global management centre for NVC and where most of our advanced R&D work takes place. With a mixture of senior very experienced industry heavyweights working alongside some of the worlds most talented R&D engineers almost all of whom have PhDs the atmosphere is dynamic mixture of intellectual talent and business horsepower. The R&D work here covers blue sky research into next generation technologies such as transparent antenna through to initial concept design for customer projects.


Suzhou China

The Suzhou subsidiary is directly responsible for delivery of product and projects for NVC customers. The is a mixture of production and quality engineering teams alongside design engineering teams. The team in Suzhou take the initial concept designs from the UK and implement, test and refine to produce production quality products alongside managing the day to day needs of maintaining high quality and high volume production that meets our customers high expectations.

Customer Service & Support

For any questions, please contact our Sales and Marketing team.

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